Scuola Colore: First in Italy for training on Colour Energy

Explore the magic of colors: learn how your mind perceives them and discover a new world of emotions and meanings

Accredited school

International certification

More than 100 happy students

We develop awareness, intelligence, talents, creativity, emotions through Color and through the 7 Human Intelligences. Specialization in Colour Coaching, Colour Therapy, Wellness and Business.

Skilled in:

  • Colour Business Coaching
  • Colour Therapy
  • Soul Wellness

Start an extraordinary path:
develop your future

There’s no better time for starting a profession about helping people.

Our courses teach you how to:

  • be successful at work and in your relationships
  • balance your everyday’s life emotions
  • activate your creativity and make your brain a source of new ideas

Become a skilled professional

Thanks to 30 years of research and practical experience on Color in tailored paths for you.
Discover how to activate your brain and get brand new ideas.
Nowadays the world needs creative people.

Our main courses

(80% online)

Master in coaching

focused on Colour Therapy.

Become a professional and certified Colour Coach.

The best training you can find.

Colour Language

A shorter course, teaches you how to manage Colours in order to develop human potential.

Students say

Our students say

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How well do you know yourself?

2 test that will show your potential

Learn who you really are.


Find out your talents and your intelligence.


Find out how your power to love works. Aren’t you curious?

The School founder

Iliana Manfredi

Hello, I’m Iliana Manfredi, the School founder.

I met Colours about 15 years ago, in a far place: India.

This project is strongly connected with that experience.

My purpose?

Spreading the knowledge of the language of colour and reach people ready to keep its energy with them: coach, counsellor, operators of wellness, naturopaths, anyone who wants to integrate the language of color in their business or in their lives.