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Love Test: the key to Relational Harmony

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Why should You take this Extraordinary Love Test?

Because love is the key to your happiness, and you deserve to live in joy and love. This test is your passport to a deep understanding of yourself and to create a relationship that will fill you with joy and fulfillment.

No matter who you are or what your preferences are, love is an energy that flows through the hearts of people without distinctions. If you’re here, you surely have questions you want to answer.

Perhaps you’re seeking a stable and lasting love, desiring a happy sexuality, or wanting to understand your compatibility with your partner. This test will reveal the seven different centers in your body that react to love, going beyond physical desire to comprehend the pleasure and shared peace with another person. At the end of the test, you’ll be able to download your personal profile, igniting seeds of awareness within yourself that you’ve never considered.

Everything that comes naturally to us is outside our conscious awareness; we take it for granted without the slightest awareness.

Love is a complex and exciting force, and now, thanks to this test, you can discover the hidden powers of love that you’ve never imagined.

Read, learn, and explore the seven different ways to fall in love and love another. Which of these seven energies is your strongest?


  • The 1st energy represents your thoughts and practical approach with your partner.
  • The 2nd energy influences the 1st energy positively or negatively.

Who is this Test for?

This test is for all individuals who wish to find the right partner for themselves. Suitable for individuals aged 14 and above, this test is based on the fundamental principles of the seven different intelligences that reside within each of us and is 100% reliable.

None of your information will be stored on our website. After completing the test, we recommend printing it to preserve the result.

The purpose of this test is to help you understand yourself better than you ever have before. To fully interpret the result, we suggest reading the book available at the bottom of this page. If you prefer a comprehensive reading of your characteristics, you may also consider consulting with our professional Colour Coaches.

Rediscover love and find your path to a fulfilling and happy relationship!

Iliana Manfredi

Creator, founder of Ailight® Colors and Sounds - School on the energy of Color

Iliana is a true expert on the subject. In over 30 years of activity it has helped hundreds of people to develop their potential, freeing creativity at all levels, creating training courses and very high-impact wellness programs.

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