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The Mental Color Map shows you the Matrix of the Self, which acts on your "deep identity" and induces an unstoppable and definitive DOMINO EFFECT change.

The “Matrix of the Self” is understood as the complex set of our beliefs, experiences, emotions, values and perceptions that influence our identity and our way of interacting with the world. It is the deep structure that defines who we are and how we relate to ourselves and others.

Exploring the Matrix of Self involves a journey of self-knowledge and awareness to understand the patterns of thought and behavior that drive us and, if necessary, make positive changes for lasting transformation.

Scuola Colore has developed an innovative system to simplify the understanding of the potential energy of colors and how to use it effectively.

However it is essential to reconnect to the energy sources present in our body, which may not be fully exploited due to our limited knowledge on how to do it.

Within the human body, there are “Energy Centers” ready to be activated, but we have lost the awareness of how to use them fully.

Stop being confused and find out who you really are – only then can good things finally come

We are aware that external reality reflects our individual reality and that what happens activates internal mechanisms in each of us.
Once these mechanisms are activated, they awaken memories, emotions, fears, sadness, melancholy and so on.

All of this speaks to us about programs that live within us, but programs of what?

Programs from the past, genetic inheritance, family inheritance, collective memories, we are impregnated with morphic fields which do not derive only from ourselves, but which pass through us and which are written within us.

It is evident how confused we can feel internally if we do not have an understanding of ourselves, of what we are really like and how the complex human machine we are living in right now works.

So we need to know the functioning and unfortunately the functioning is not what they teach us in school when we study history, world geography or rather science and mathematics, but there is an even greater, more psychological, more emotional, more energetic and more spiritual knowledge that allows us somehow to go and reconcile our parts.

Knowledge opens immense doors, it introduces us into unconscious spaces that cannot be rationally explained, but which can be explored in other ways.

And this is where the importance of having tools to navigate within us lies, in those still unknown territories, and to derive not only personal benefits for health and well-being, but also a guide for making decisions and making informed choices.

These tools allow us to detach ourselves more and more from external influences, to build a permanent center of gravity that requires constant cultivation in life. They allow us to constantly evolve the forms of thought, to reach a higher dimension where unconditional love acts by freeing us from conditioning.

The Mental Color Map is based on ancient and in-depth studies

The Mental Color Map is based on the principles of the ancient Indian philosophy of the chakras, the energy centers that influence your personality. Through the questions that you will be asked, you will discover which “colored” energies dominate in your life and which ones you use in a lesser way. Analyzing your Energy Map will provide you with a better understanding of your thought processes, emotions, perceptions and intuitions, and may also reveal areas where you may have mental, emotional, physical or spiritual conflicts.

Unlike most traditional tests, the Energy Map analysis focuses on how you think through the chakra energy system. This system is believed to govern not only physical body functions, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Since each energy center operates on a different color frequency, describing your personality in terms of color intelligence is an easy way to get to know yourself better and to learn how to boost your energy system.

Once you have identified your strengths and weaknesses, you will gain greater awareness of yourself and the aspects you need to work on. To master your energies, you will need to set clear goals and integrate the energy of colors into your daily life. Our study program offers you various color energy tools to help you in this process.

The value of testing in teaching and business

Whether you use the Energy Map to gain a better understanding of yourself, your students or your clients, this testing method aims to provide a “matrix for success”, offering an objective and accurate analysis of how a person thinks, acts, experiences and responds to emotions, and much more.

The Mental Color Map is an objective method of analysis that examines an individual’s personality type using the ancient philosophy of the chakra system. It identifies hundreds of personality combinations based on color energy; moreover, it is unique and peculiar to each individual, not a mere generalization of the predominant characteristics of each.

The Mental Color Map has been approved by thousands of people around the world and we believe it is the only test available that can accurately define personality. Your personal achievements will allow you to start the DOMINO process gaining a deep understanding of yourself.

What Colour are You?


Do you have a Map of your Mental Colors?

You have to use yourself as a compass to discover who you are. It all depends in which direction you plan your development. But the question is: Do you have a personal map to navigate?

This Map tells you about your 7 levels of intelligence and how colors affect every aspect of your life. Sex, health, profession, money, success are all determined by The Color You Are and the colors you use!

Violet People inspire humanity. They are related to the spiritual and emotional balance of the world. Purple people have a strong energy that brings inspiration to people.

The Orange People are great artists, musicians, diplomats and politicians. They love to be around people and are born to be healers.

Blue People are natural teachers, but they can also be great religious leaders or television personalities. Blue people are generally good at any profession that requires the use of the written or verbal word.

Test your Mental Colors.
Download your personal profile
and find out what are the Intelligences that guide your life…

Iliana Manfredi - mentor of colors

Creator, founder of Ailight® Colors and Sounds - School on the energy of Color

Iliana is a true expert on the subject. In over 30 years of activity it has helped hundreds of people to develop their potential, freeing creativity at all levels, creating training courses and very high-impact wellness programs.

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